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Do you have dirty dull yellow oxidized headlight lenses? Maybe you turn on your headlights at night and ask your self, "Are they on?" Dull cloudy headlights are an all too common problem these days. They are something we can spot anywhere from your own vehicle, your neighbors driveway, to driving down the street, only to see those ugly yellow cloudy headlights coming your way. REMEMBER your headlights are the "eyes" of the road and over the years environmental damage causes your polycarbonate lenses to turn cloudy or hazy. This significantly reduces light output and refracts any remaining light, which creates unnecessary glare. Driving with cloudy lenses at night or during inclement weather such as rain, snow, or fog leaves you with insufficient light where you need it most—the road. In addition to a safety risk, dull and cloudy lenses also pile on more years than what your vehicle has, taking away from your vehicles appearance. You may have considered replacing the entire lens assembly but, expensive new lights are not your only option.
Complete Headlight Care offers a great professional solution by refinishing your polycarbonate lights to restore illumination and safety. Our multi-step process leaves a durable long lasting finish to protect the lens from all the elements that headlights come in contact on a daily basis, especially the sun and its harmful UV rays. Our results prove to outlast ALL those from typical headlight restoration kits to simply just buffing them. Whether you plan on keeping your vehicle for several years or trying to sell one, our service can have a significant aesthetic impact and help increase your car's value, so you benefit in many way not just one. We are sure you'll be happy with our work 100% that if for any reason your headlights do not look like new again, I will completely give away my service to you. Thats right! That means NO CHARGE! I completely guarantee my work OR IT'S FREE!! It gets better, WE COME TO YOU! When you call and make an appointment, we come out to your residence or work place for free!* So let us save you the time, frustration, and the expense of buying new headlights and CALL OR TEXT for a free quote today! 

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